Private life vs work life: don’t let one wreck the other

Keeping your private and professional lives separate can be difficult. Sometimes the one gets in the way of the other.

The key is to keep them both in perspective in an effort to ensure one doesn’t wreck the other. Here are some tips:

Don’t talk about your private life at work
While you may share a few minor details with co-workers to whom you feel close, sharing too much is a bad idea.

You have a professional reputation to uphold and the last thing you need is your personal life being discussed among those you work with every day.

Instead, share as little as possible and make sure the details you do decide to disclose are relatively generic at best. Only tell your co-workers things you wouldn’t mind anyone knowing.

Avoid taking personal problems to the office
If it sounds like it could be scandalous, chances are it will be perceived as such. People who don’t know you well won’t know how to interpret what you are saying.

You can give someone the wrong idea about your personal life very easily. Instead, keep it professional and you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Try not to bring your work problems home with you

This is also very difficult to do at times, especially if you are in a supervisory position. Instead, deal with your private life at home and keep the professional aspects at work.

Bringing work home with you often causes stress. If you are already stressed at work, you should use your time at home to relax.

Continuing to think about work will keep this from happening and as a result you’ll become even more stressed at work.

Take and make only necessary personal phone calls

Chances are there is a policy concerning this, and it’s in place for a very good reason. If you are taking time out for personal phone calls at work, you aren’t doing your job. If those phone calls are causing you stress or taking up too much of your time, your mind won’t be on your work.

Spending too much time taking care of personal matters is frowned upon because it makes you less productive and focused on your work.

Take care of any personal issues in your private life that could affect your personal and professional wellbeing.

Failing to do so can result in you being unable to perform your job duties well.

In order to function both at home and on-the-job, you need to first deal with the personal problems that plague you (preferably at home and in your own time).


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