How to overcome procrastination.

Some people love to procrastinate. They find many reasons why they cannot start or do something. Others are in the habit of putting off difficult tasks.

You can break this habit by:
a. Admitting it. This is always the first place to start when a personal reason prevents your success. Facing up to the truth sets you free to seek solutions and help. It is usually fear that causes procrastination. Fear of failure, the unknown, discomfort or effort.

b. Realizing a number of truths:

  • That life is passing you by and nothing is getting done
  • You have a responsibility to yourself and the world to be all you can be
  • You have incredible potential and you can achieve great things
  • Greater fulfilment awaits you, when you step out courageously and face your fears
  • You are losing great rewards because of your lack of action

c. Make a decision to take action despite any fears. Take responsibility to become successful and reach your dreams.

If you tend to procrastinate, realize the truths above and make a simple decision to accept responsibility in pursuing your dreams and becoming all you can be. Choose to be courageous and face your fears or laziness. You have so much to lose, if you don’t.

Then step out and start, Leza.

I refuse to be slowed down any longer
I face my fears and step into action
I have great things to achieve

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