Workers Day – A Commitment to the down-trodden disempowered South Africans.

The portrayed “democracy” that is shared smacks of racism and has put the shackles of oppression around the necks of each and every one of us.

The government has certainly improved on the manner of racial divide in identifying its subject as African, Coloured, Asian or White and ensured the recognition of the disabled as a bonus. The law has with great talent exposed itself by giving advantages to their subjects based on the colour of skin. The government just uses the term “designated group”, a modern form of semantics.

The government is the major employer in the country and has legislated discriminatory practices for both the private and the public sectors based on its racial designation of people. If you can find a better word for AA, EE, BEE,   B-BBEE then please let me know, but the purpose of dividing the natural development of society will remain in tatters as government is insecured in its purpose of holding onto political power. It is unfortunate for those who represent government is that the only power that they hang onto is the chair that they sit on.The previous Apartheid government also knew how to play with semantics like “separate but Equal”, “plural development”, “segregation” and the likes.

Now on this day called May Day, Labour Day, Workers Day, this government will also justify its racial point system when it considers suppliers of goods and services including how the private sector behaves when they too are required to implement racially based policies affecting their suppliers of goods and services. We will also remember Workers Day in South Africa is based on a racially designated employment equity (EE), legislation. Oooooohhhh ! I almost forgot that Workers are also compensated and developed on Affirmatice Action (AA) legislation. What about Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and another extended semantic called Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) that legislates who your partners in business will obviously be based on race. My reasons for understanding the economic and social impediments of divide and rule create a deep division between the various designated groups as well as within the various cultural groups that may even form one particular African, Coloured, Asian and White designated group. Racism is the biggest impediment in our development as a democratic nation and the sooner we rid ourselves of our past, the sooner we can LOVE and find and support each other to overcome our shortcomings and to build on our strengths.

The problem at this point is that you require about 20 % in Leadership & Management positions and the 80 % regarded as followers or workers. A major challenge to government is to find a way of placing 80 % of its supporters into the few Leadership & Management positions and retrench or fire the highly talented 20 % South African because of not meeting the racial criteria for the job. I am all for change but for the right reasons.

The right reasons include those who aspire to Justice, Freedom Fairness and equality to all. We recognise the injustices of our past. Honour those who suffered for justice and freedom in our land. Respect those who have worked to build and develop our country, and Believe that South Africa belongs to all who live in it, united in our diversity.

Our actions are certainly far from healing divisions as we are tagged on racial grounds. Every citizen is not equally protected by law. We are not true in our purpose in implementing social and services that improve the quality of life of all our people. That building a united and democratic South Africa is but a Myth.

We cannot seek the protection of the International Labour Organisation as we are far removed from implementing true justice and fairness principles on the Workers.

I can no longer live with my moral and spiritual beliefs in justice, freedom and peace unless I speak out for all that we fought for and live for in applying the commands of believers.

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