I find the entire debacle around the “Pale Male” appointments hilarious, revolting and almost an insult to say the least.

In reality the creation of employment equity in its present form pointing at Senior Executive Level is costing our economy a pretty penny in lost opportunities, investment growth, poor results for sustainable socio-economic development of the masses of disadvantaged communities.

The system is not working, not since democracy in 1994, twenty years later our nation is struggling with challenges in high unemployment, many homeless people, poor service delivery, a disgrace in corporate governance both in the public and private sectors, the health service in tatters, not forgetting the school and other academic structures.

The best is government hand-outs “when there is no bread, give them cake to eat”. The billions of Rands in outstanding payments to services rendered by Municipalities. Anarchy prevails as we become striking workers hiding behind the law of human rights disregarding the rights and protection to property and life. This is my experience of twenty years of democracy and many more years to come of hilarious, revolting and insulting metaphors aligning the nation to ubuntu and the rainbow nation.

The economy to my understanding operates in a “free market” environment that demands non interference from the democratic state. Fortunately for me, I aspire as a talented free market economist with astrong focus on “what you sow, so shall you reap”.

People of the South of Africa, multi cultural, multi ethnic, we belong to one nation and we aught to build in our diversity. Enough is enough. Find ways and means to stop the pocketing on our democracy and enforce trust, honesty and good corporate governance, Collect the outstanding billions of Rands in outstanding debt for service delivered and use the funds to correct the imbalances between the rich and the poor masses.

We must use the talent available in growing a sound sustainable economy with industrial expansion in order to employ the masses. Up-skill our people for the economy and not for political gain. Work for our nation, forget yesterday, let us not think of tomorrow, rather prepare for this moment. We have wasted twenty years, let us capture this moment in LOVE and Compassion regardless of the differences in our diversity.

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2 thoughts on “THE PALE MALE SAGA.

  • Miro Bagrov

    Speaking of economy,

    Notice that most products in the shops are imported. Very little is produced here.

    In the days of the american sanctions and the angolan wars, this nation produced most things itself partly out of necessity and partly for security. Now everything I run into is imported, or partly imported, or just re-assembled here, marked up and sold.

    I don’t think there is any economy anymore. Many high level people in business and government also share this opinion. 

    The good news is that since there is not enough industry, that leaves the option help create and be involved in that task where there are plenty jobs and things to do for all skill levels.

  • Moegsien Harris Post author

    Martin, after twenty years we have really seen a significant number of white young people under 24 years (matriculants and graduates) at our airports on a Friday flight leaving South Africa for equal opportunities in England and elsewhere in Australia< Ireland and the Arab states. Many of them would have added value to our economy as well as to the “Rainbow” nation. We can no longer remain happy and quiet when the nation retrogress from all the good values, aspirations, and the better society that we have all longed for. So many of the wise freedom fighters who have left this world over the past twenty years and many of us moving over the sixty year count down line may never see a normal society.