The Basic Entrepreneurial & Business Skills 3 Day Conference / Workshop has been developed in order to support and enhance the skills and talents of the small business sector, informal business sectors as well as the farm workers and rural communities.

Economic Conditions

The economic environment for many talented entrepreneurs in these sectors of our communities require intervention skills programmes in the form of workshops and sometimes role playing in order to build on the strengths of each other and therefore build on the inherent leadership talents of each participant.

Social Conditions

Many of our talented participants live in informal settlements, townships, rural and farm areas and the entrepreneurial and small business infrastructures are limited thus making it difficult for many of the participants to successfully emerge into the economic and business hubs that create sustainable economic growth opportunities and wealth.

Learning Conditions

The 3 day Conference / Workshop is a tool that supports the notion that all sectors of our communities will have access to entrepreneurial and business opportunities in line with the National Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Conference / Workshop is one of the methods of supporting talented entrepreneurs and smart business people to move through to the 2nd and the 1st economies of our nation.

The conference / Workshop Content :

* Understand Basic Economics

* What is Entrepreneurship

* Who is an Entrepreneur

* What are some of the talents of an Entrepreneur

* Define Leadership in business

* Explain the term Leadership & Management

* Management Functions made easy

* What is Marketing in Practice

* The essential knowledge around Purchasing, Costing and Pricing

* Developing a basic Record Keeping System

* Basic Business Plan


A lot of interaction, team-work and presentations form part of this knowledge based Conference / Workshop that result in the selection of a number of teams (selected based on various talents and expertise shared in every team)

that will compete with each other when the final assessment will be a team effort submission and presentation of a Basic Business Plan.

Each participant will receive a workbook.

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