9 warning signs you’ve been velocitized

I was not aware I was velocitized until i read this article below.  Real eye-opener.



If you get off the highway and barely slow down, you’ve been velocitized. Can the rapid pace of technology have the same effect on you?

There are undoubtedly moments when advanced technologies give you crucial advantages and serve vital purposes. But they can also velocitize you. The result? You don’t hear what other people say, you don’t see what’s really happening around you, and you often don’t make sense to other people.

Don’t believe me? Then take this simple test:

  1. Do you check your email more than five times per day, even on your day off?
  2. Do you ever put down your phone but then pick it up again within two minutes?
  3. When other people are talking, do you have the urge to interrupt them and say what’s on your mind, even though you haven’t yet heard what’s on the other person’s mind?
  4. Do you have extreme difficultly waiting in line?
  5. Do you prefer to text – rather than call – others, because actually talking to a person takes too much time?
  6. Do you send emails without subject headers?
  7. Do you send emails that lack verbs?
  8. Do you have trouble watching an entire movie or TV show without doing something else?
  9. Do you crave changes in your daily routine, regardless of whether they are good or bad?

If you answered “yes” to six or more questions, you are moving faster than makes sense.

If you answered “yes” to eight or more questions, you are speeding so fast through life that you risk missing it, and so fast that to others you just seem like a blur. The odds are low that anyone actually understands what you are saying.

We all have people around us who are velocitized, although in my experience, velocitized people tend to deny it. (You probably want to send those folks over here to take this test.)

Fortunately, once drivers become aware of the concept of being velocitized, they are much more likely to slow down when getting off the highway. I’m hoping the same thing is true in life.

For those of you who passed the test, what are other warning signs you’ve seen?

LinkedIn: Bruce Kasanoff – Writer, speaker & entrepreneur. Founder, Simplify the Future (reader-driven book publisher)


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