Thought management 9

With all the challenges, disappointments and stress that you are under, it is crucial to keep your thoughts constructive and positive.

Success begins in the mind.

But our minds are like undisciplined children. They just think thoughts continuously unchecked. Negative, debilitating and depressing thoughts can come and go. These thoughts can make you negative. They can take away your motivation and drive. Your thoughts can stop you dead in your tracks.

Yet, you can choose your thoughts at any given time. You want to keep your mind occupied with thoughts that produce positive results. Thoughts that are encouraging and motivating.

This means you need to think about the things that inspire you. Like:

  • Your goals,
  • Your purpose,
  • What you are grateful for,
  • What you look forward to in your future

Manage your thoughts wisely. They are the keys to your success.

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9 thoughts on “Thought management

  • Carl Roodnick

    Thank you Leza! Your counsel is very self-empowering – pointing us in several positive and constructive directions – as there are usually more than one approach towards attaining a solution.

    One of my coping mechanisms is not focus on the problems of the day after-hours and weekends. This allows me to find rest, sleep, and recovery of my energies, in order to pursue viable solutions during the course of my normal work-day.

    Very few of us are ever in a position to simply walk or run away from problems in the workplace. Because we are either too afraid, or too non-assertive, or ignorant of our human rights, does not mean that our only recourse is to escape by any means.

    There are plenty of avenues and resources that you can draw upon, including your Human Resources or Wellness Department, your Labour Union Representative, your Church Leader, a Lawyer, or a Psychologist (most Medical Aids cover this), or possibly even the Department of Labour, to name a few.

    What is unfair and often unhelpful, is to emotionally dump your stress on your parent, spouse or child – as they are usually not equipped to deal with it, and so become secondary victims, as they attempt to take on your emotional trauma. Rather let your pride or ego take a small dip by approaching a professional counsellor, in order to spare your loved-ones the pain and anguish, while you temporarily lean on the professional helper, in cases where you are too traumatised or too exhausted to focus on your personal thought management.

  • Victoria Siphiwe Mamvura-Gava

    Hi Wilma, I am actually going back as there was one on assertivenes and public relations and I thought are same books. After reading this one I am definately going for them as I believe there have some ideas which will be definately new and inspirtional to most of.

  • Wilma de Villiers

    I agree, a powerful blog.  Short, but so true.

    It is enlightening to read the responses to the blog.

    Victoria, thanks for sharing the book that you’ve read.  I am going to see if I can also be so lucky to get some of the books at Canal Walk.

  • Des Squire

    Survival in life or in a business situation depends on your ability to maintain a positive mental attitude. In any survival situation you must practice self-reliance. You can only depend on yourself and your abilities. You will have to overcome many challenges you are not accustomed to. Take each challenge one at a time and adapt to or learn to tolerate it. Remember difficulties and challenges in life are short term and will pass. This you must believe, difficult, as it may seem.

  • Victoria Siphiwe Mamvura-Gava

    So true and inspiring. I just bought a book yesterday at a book shop at Canal Walk where they have specials for 3 books for R99 instead of R45 each.  One of the books I bought is “Dealing with Difficult People” by Roy Lilley.  I found the following in this book educating: “Bullies become bullies because they can get away with it, and bullies are bullies because they have no other management technique. Lack of skills, insight, insecurity and incompetence turns bad bosses into bully bosses.”If bullies need a victim, why are you a victim? You need a job? Sure, we all do.  You need to pay the bills? Yup, of course.  But you only have one life, so don’t spend it in fear.  If you’ve tried everything and life is still hell, what next? Shouldn’t you be taking your time and quietly, subtly and decisively looking for another job? Dont stay and be a victim. Get out of the firing line, and do it without blame, accusation or reproach. I’ll see you later, and clear off. Bullies need victims and audiences.

    Feeling intimidated? If you are feeling intimidated, the chances are you are being intimidated. This kind of fear is insidious.  Ask yourself why you’re feeling intimidated. Do you feel insecure, inadequate, not up to the job, got something to hide? How we react to people starts within ourselves.  If we want to be a victim, then we will be. If we let people push us around, they will. If you are ontop of the job, doing the best you can, you have no reason to feel intimidated.  Don’t expect logic to play a part in this human relations equation.  Bullies are not logical, they are opportunistic and unpredictable.  Your defences are your talent, skill, patience and coolness under fire.  Aovid the emotions and stick to the facts. Stay away from the passion and follow a plan.


    Of late, I have personally had to deal with a bully, because they could not deal with their own coin of work, jumped in to disrupt mine.  I had not seen this book yet.  When I realised an hour of my time was being lost due to this person trying to disrupt my work because they could not do theirs.  I took my bag and left. (But not all of us are at that stafe we can take our bags and leave – someone would have to advise that class how to deal with the part). I then over heard them whispering loudly in surprise to one of the audience they had created “she’s leaving”.  Only then did I realise, I had disempowered my bully, now they had no victim and no audience. Mind you, not all bullies are loud, some of them come very soft, and most are good and pretending in the presence of those they need to please, only to make a 360 degrees turn in their absence to the shock of everyone.  They are sweetest in the presence of the ones they need to please, but the biggest disruptors in any organisation if not figured early.

  • william packa


    Leza,this is a very thoughtful message. Yes indeed it is we need discipline in our journey to succes.It is true that when we look around us,we see a lot of negativity spreading.We must therefore cultivate a positive attitude to keep up with the things we live with everyday.

  • Grace Strachan

    Powerful Blog Mrs Coreejes – My feelings are mutual. The mind can either make or brake ones self confidence or self esteem. And in our stressful working environment it has a tendency to brake us, so it is vital to apply Mrs Coreejes principals to your everyday life.

    Thankyou Mrs Coreejes