Let’s spread our wings – as providers of quality training interventions. 2

Celebrating Humanity International’s Strategic Team Building team of Arthie Moore, Buzz Gori and I, have recently returned from a highly successful series of sessions in Zambia. (Many African countries source their facilitators from the USA, UK and Europe.)

The feedback and comments have been incredible, which shows that South African consultants and trainers can make a huge difference in Africa. And the venues are awesome – see the picture from the Protea Safari Lodge – Chisamba – below!

As we are all aware it can be quite difficult to find opportunities, to make a difference, in South Africa. These can be BEE related, or the unwillingness of the SETAs to accredit the more unique and inventive training providers. Fortunately African clients, outside of RSA, are able to judge us on our abilities and not on our ancestry – or SAQA accreditations. (We have offered our services in Zambia, Namibia, Swaziland, UK, USA, Hong Kong and of course across South Africa!)

So, if you are good at what you do, spread your wings into Africa and beyond. Go where your skills are needed and appreciated. We can make a difference in the World. If you are not yet sure of the level of your skills, please partner with someone who can deliver. We cannot afford to let South Africa down!

Here is one of the testimonials that we received:-

Testimonial – 15th March 2013.
Project Technical Team Building – Completed at Sandy’s Creation – Lusaka, Zambia

“Ours is a young (new) organization which has a very short term life span (5 years). The recruitment process brought together a group of professionals and experts in their various fields. Whilst this is a strong testament to the recruitment process, it meant that various egos got into play. There really is no time to build understanding of the organisation as the delivery timelines are short and staff were thrown into a deep end.

Management immediately knew that a team building session was essential to build the team with one vision. A team that would appreciate all the positives in each person in their respective fields.

We got much more than a team building session with CHI. Brian, Arthie and Buzz have been amazing. Their dedication to helping the team through difficult issues with professionalism and care was amazing.

The skills learned and developed through this process are life-changing and are useful for our work in MCA Zambia and also through life.

The promise was that we would change without realise it and it was true. Change crept up on us and its amazing!”

I am looking forward to read of your success stories.

Kind regards,

Brian Moore

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2 thoughts on “Let’s spread our wings – as providers of quality training interventions.

  • Brian V Moore Post author

    We would like to build a group of professional and experienced trainers, speakers,consultants and facilitators to offer their skills into Africa and the rest of the World. Anyone interested?

  • Arthie Moore

    Beautifully written and so true. There are many small businesses and amazing skills being under used and forsaken. It is time for our country to start to embrace quality, skills and abilities of the people of our amazing country. It is time to share knowlege and build each other.