Disappointments & Challenges

We all experience disappointments and challenges on a regular basis. Our ability to cope with them varies.

• Some people laugh them off

• Some get depressed

• Some analyze what happened or is going to happen

• Some forget them

People also have varying capacity to cope with disappointments and challenges.

For one person, one disappointment or challenge is emotionally crippling.

Another person can experience five and be only slightly put out.

What is important though, is that we learn to handle them constructively.

In most families children grow up learning that their negative emotions are invalid and of no importance.

Mom or Dad may say: “Don’t be so upset, it is only a toy.”

Yet it is a human need to share one’s disappointments with those who are able to empathize.

Just the process of sharing one’s thoughts and feelings about what happened is therapeutic.

Next time you are disappointed, share it with someone who can sympathize with you.

It will be just what the doctor ordered.

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