It is true that real change and transformation is taking place, however government need to take charge of their responsibilities in “House Cleaning” as it appears that there are too many “dead wood” of the previous regime still in control in key areas of government and in commerce & industry.

Many of the key areas in government entities that require human capital review are in sectors of education, water, energy, construction, and in social development, and perhaps many more. It is of necessity that some human capital audits need to be implemented in order to ensure that change and transformation takes place.

It is sad that in education we still find that black children in underprivileged environments are NOT experiencing true equal opportunities. The domination of individuals and groups of people who enrich themselves in the training and development arena at the expense of our poor youth are shocking, sickening and disgusting. We need far more intervention from government in the Sector Education & Traing Authority (SETA) management and the various executive Boards that serve these entities. The Further Education & Traing (FET) College system also need more “hands on” from government’s education departments. The Executive Boards of FET Colleges also require serious attention to their effectiveness in serving the National Education Structures & Systems that our democracy so much depend on for greater improvement in the livelyhood of our people. Training Providers and developers appear to focus mor on trivial training needs as opposed to those important areas of the National Skills Development Strategy(NSDS) and that of developing our people in line with the National Human Resources development Strategy (NHRDS). It is important that we focus on these two strategic documents and to act on the imperatives that underpin our sustainable economic growth and development planning.

It is equally so when we audit the delivery of services to the masses not forgetting the open discrimination of our vulnerable communities in the rural and farm areas. It remain shocking that with so many government supported agencies and Non Profit Organisations (NPO’s) active in rural and farm communities, very little people and community empowerment are taking place. These individuals and groups are using media and communication tools effectively in a manner that allows the reader, supporters and international stakeholders focused on the weaknesses of government as opposed to real positive development that need to take place, and this need to stop immediately. “Stop The Gravy Train” of those who undermine our democracy.

The business communities are even better organised in playing the notion that we can hardly show any black business leaders to take positions on “Boards of Corporations”, Entities of State and in Leadership positions in Commerce & Industry. Ask me, I can help you find the “Rats” who are playing “dirty” economics in the business arena. Broad Based – Black Economic Empowerment (BB-BEE) as well as Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) need to be enforced in the best interest of growing a sustainable economy. We can no longer afford the conglomerates in commerce and industry, nor the “dead wood” of yester-year that sit in government to retard the progress of our wonderful rainbow nation.

The Party Is Over……… Real Sustainable Economic Growth in the interest of real education and social upliftment of the masses. Real change and transformation of a truly African Nation………….. South Africa.

It is high time for government, business, labour and civil society to come to terms in what will be the ultimate success of our nation. Build together with our people and expose the rotten apples in our society.


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