One expects government, business and labour to be happy with the budget speech of the Minister of Finance as it relates to “if there is no bread, give them cake to eat”.

It is an absolute travesty of justice that equality, equity, fairness, and looking after the law abiding citizens are not really being taken seriously, then I rest my case. How does the Minister respond to real poverty, starvation, crime and a host of other social and economic issues that will hit the ordinary person very hard once they open their eyes to find more indirect taxation that make it impossible to survive.

Government, business and labour will agree with the Minister in ensuring that the wealthy business owners and executives, as well as senior government officials and politicians will┬ábe satisfied as they thrive on their “wants” as the budget so nicely presented to them.

It is clear that petrol price increases are once more on the cards and this will have a spiralling effect on food prices and other commodities. What about pending “Toll Roads” charges, hike in public transport cost, all of these indirect taxes do not help the ordinary citizen to survive. Increase in electricity charges, water charges, property rates and taxes, WoW ! People need to “wake up and smell the coffee”.

We cannot fool ourselves that strikes, business and government responses to the strikes has been the ideal┬árecipe for poor foreign investment, low productivity and the signs of more strikes looming is not foreign to the “man in the street”. Any economist can tell you that after July / August when people feel the pinch of poverty and ongoing debt, then the challenges start to take shape.

I hope that the National development Plan include Risk Management, Performance Appraisals, Financial Education, Action Against Financial Mismanagement of Resources, Corruption etc. Let everyone know that the taste is in the eating…………….. watch the space.

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