In response to the increased interest in Netball and following on the success of the Jamaican Young Netball Umpires Training Programme, Netball South Africa will introduce a unique Training Programme for young high school children to become qualified as Young Umpires.


This will build capacity in Schools and develop a pool of talented Umpires for the future of Netball in South Africa.


Netball is fast becoming one of the most popular sports amongst young South Africans. Traditionally a sport for girls, men across the world including in South Africa have embraced netball.


SA Netball’s Team Manager, Claudine Claassen, says “the growing popularity of Netball in South Africa can be attributed, in part, to the success of the South African Proteas now ranked sixth in the world. We were also thrilled that SA’s Netball Coach, Elize Kotze, was named Women Sport Coach of the Year for 2012.”

Netball South Africa is committed to developing the Sport in all schools in support of the Government’s Mass Participation Programme and School Sports Policy.

Says Claudine Claassen  “We need to build a pool of young talent amongst players, officials and administrators. For this reason, Netball South Africa has decided to introduce a Young Umpires Training Programme modeled on the Jamaica Netball Association’s successful Young Umpires Training Programme.”


The Gauteng North Netball Association is leading the way and is on the search for girls and boys aged 15 to 20 who are interested in becoming Umpires at a school and Juniour club level.


Says Claudine Claassen “Gauteng North Netball is making use of the opportunity at the Tshwane Club Development Netball Challenge on Saturday, 2ND  March to identify these young umpires. We have informed all our clubs in the region to bring along their young umpires and we are expecting to have quite a number of them.”


Jamaica’s national netball team, the Sunshine Girls, is ranked 4th in the world and is one of South Africa’s greatest rivals. Yet the Netball Associations of both countries are working together to ensure the future growth of the sport. The Jamaica Netball Association is the first country in the world to formally introduce a Young Umpires Training Programme. It has now invited young South Africans to visit Jamaica in June/July to become qualified as Young Umpires.


The Tour to Jamaica is being facilitated by CDII (Community Development Initiatives International) in partnership with the South African and the Jamaican Netball Associations. Says CDII’s Mapula Tlhagale “The Jamaican Netball Association will train a group of young South African netball enthusiasts to qualify as Young Umpires for School and Juniour Club events and tournaments. The Tour is open to young South African boys and girls aged 15 to 20.”


CDII’s Don Leffler says “the Tour to Jamaica will give young South Africans the unique opportunity of becoming qualified as Umpires at an early age. They will be able to build careers as Umpires by officiating games and tournaments at schools and clubs. This will develop a pool of talent for the future. It will also create young ambassadors for Netball who will promote the development of Netball in Schools and in Youth Sports Clubs”.


For more information on the Tshwane Club Development Netball Challenge and on the Young Umpires Training Programme and Tour to Jamaica, contact Claudine Claassen or Crezelda Venter at 082 818 4518 or email or at



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