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Last night I was blessed to do a short 5 minute presentation on Learnership Implementation at the Ekurhuleni Business Initiative. Based on the discussions I had with some of those attending afterwards I realise that most small business owners misunderstand learnerships at best and fear it at worst.

The reality is that Learnership Implementation has tremendous advantages and knowing how to capitalise on them is a necessity, not a luxury. For example; a small qualifying enterprise can score 21 points on the new proposed generic B-BBEE scorecard by registering only one previously unemployed learner without a disability on a learnership.

Add to that that some SETAS will pay out about R20 000-00 in grants and that SARS will grant you rebates to the value of about R30 000-00, compensating you for both the training fees and the salary of such a learner.

In the light of this I have decided to run a number of Friday Morning Workshops on this topic. I will limit the number of workshop attendees to 10 and will still run the workshop if there are 5 attendees only.  I will keep the cost down to R600-00 per person and will operate on a first pay, first serve basis. The first of these workshops will take place on the 15th of March and I will run them monthly for as long as there is a need.

Please pass this on to anyone you think will benefit from such a workshop and drop me an e-mail on jacques@workplacetrainingsa.com if you are interested in attending.

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One thought on “Learnership Implementation Workshops

  • Jared Shippel

    Many businesses, particularly smaller to medium-sized ones do not fully understand the benefits of learnerships, however some that do are finding that barriers have been created which make this undertaking less attractive. What I have experienced though, is that larger companies have tended in the past to receive the lion’s share of grants and have based a large proportion of their total training (internal and external) on the grant system. This has backfired to some degree in the past year, where stricter limitations have been imposed and in some cases existing learning strategies have had to be scaled down drastically.

    This lack of knowledge regarding learnerships; the reliance on a grant-based system for training and the various barriers that have been established or developed in recent years has made the environment extremely difficult for many private training providers; and for a large number – untenable.

    I feel that your workshops are highly valuable, but these need to be scaled up and all manner of businesses should be involved from sole proprietors to multi-national corporates. I also feel that there needs to be an extension of this topic to how all training accredited and non-accredited needs to be incorporated into a comprehensive L&D strategy and companies need to be responsible for QA just as much as the various institutions and standard generating bodies.