No one, but no one, friend or foe dare to challenge government on its landslide catastrophe in the welfare, economics, international relations, education, investments and many other sectors that affects societal development.

If there still remain opportunist on the “gravy train” then get off and run for cover. The honourable President is certainly badly informed on the State of the Nation as well as the State of the Country. The way we are handling the strike issues on the mines and in the agri sectors are mind boggling and the strikes are apparently far from over. Are we being objective in having a good balance between the needs of workers, employers and a sustainable growing economy.

The rule of law and the process of governance appear not to filter through the structures, not even from or to senior executives, leave alone the ordinary person at work. Our political behaviour towards the real issues that adversely affect our nation and the credibility of our country is slipping fast. The messages of free market and perceptions of nationalisation in economic terms are warped to the extent that existing as well as potential international investors are confused……. so is the nation. Government is living in a dream world. We are no longer the “lover boy” for investor confidence. We need to be competitive in a global free market environment.

It will be interesting to listen to the Minister of Finance when he performs more of the “balancing act” when he presents to parliament the gloomy state of affairs of the nation and the people of this beautiful “Rainbow Nation”. We just hope that someone in his audience reminds him of the reasons why our nation is falling behind, and why we will have to borrow money and increase many different taxes in order to ensure that he can “balance his act” to parliament. The man in the street is no longer the ignorant bystander to the crime in the country, corruption, poor education, health services deficiencies, labour inequality and a host of other challenges including high inflation and high cost of living. We wander just what our credit rating is going to be later this year.

Our education situation leaves much to be desired. Does labour speak to education and to the economic challenges and are we not aware and are we completely ignorant on the synergy between economics, education, labour and many other stakeholders that build strong, economically, socially and politically strong nations.

My colleagues involved in training and development of our human capital need to acknowledge that all training must align to the National Human Resources Development Strategy and to the current NSDS iii that governs the training and development needs in our economy. The situation in our academic institutions, our schools and our colleges are having a field time, and certainly way out from target, in real, significan training and development. If they were aligned, we will have highly skilled, efficient and competent people that are employable for the job market. This is not the case and I challenge my colleagues on these vital purpose in training people for real jobs.

If only we can have less political interference in business, economics and education will most certainly help the country to move ahead of its international competitors. Government need to only create an enabling environment and leave the rest of the actions to the intellectuals and the experts that will help create a sound demopcracy and a sustainable growing economy for the nation and by the nation. Our nation and its people are mature enough to the extent that government need only to govern and leave the rest of the nation to work together for our progress and betterment of our values, LOVE and care for each other. Government is too insecured and need to acknowledge that time are overtaking their zest to hang onto power. Revitalise what was started by great leaders after 27 April 1994. Those able leaders knew how to govern and many of them knew when it was time to leave government. We are now faced with a government dilemma that finds its labour partner (or is it the members) out of line in accepting its credibility and credentials to govern. The surprise will be tested at the national voting polls in 2014. Let us hope that we will all return to our sanity.


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