Career Development Services in SA

Department of Higher Education has issued a Framework for Cooperation in the Provision of Career Development  Services in South Africa in Oct. 2012.  This Framework is open for public comments.  In essence the Framework is a Cooperation intervention by government on Career Information, Advice & Guidance services in SA.

The point I wish to emphasis is that there is a tendency that career services mentioned are traditionally  targeted to those outside school into Post school education.  It will be desirable to note that career services require to expand into other locations. This services should expand to locations of those employed, in schooling, outside both employment & schooling systems.  This means career services is not only for youth but for adults as well.  Secondly, This emphasis is made out of economic challenges recently experienced globally and here in Africa Region.  The emphasis being presented on the need to expand career services locations, is as well a call on the State to thrive to be decisive and start pursuing Development Strategy that is forward looking into 50 to 100yrs from now.  In simplicity is what is the South Africa that we are today creating to be like in 50 or 100yrs to come.  This is because career development is a Human-wealth asset building whose return may be realisable in decades, centuries, generation to generation etc.   

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