Proactive Fraud Management Guide (Book) by Professor John Chibaya Mbuya

Proactive Fraud Management Guide  (Book) by John Chibaya Mbuya PhD

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The subject of fraud is prevalent in the financial services industry globally. This book is a guide for those who manage fraud and those who aspire to join our beloved risk management field. The following fields have been deliberated fairly well: definition of fraud, causes of fraud, factors that cause fraud, pressure of work, opportunity to do fraud, integrity, management fraud, computer fraud, internet fraud, various models, common types of fraud, corporate governance, fraud prevention strategies, indirect controls, direct controls, pre- employment screening, employee appraisal and monitoring, whistle blowing, commitment, communication, general controls, specific controls, control over ITC, conflict of interest and many more. The book is a real life case study of the South African number one commercial bank (ABSA) now a division of Barclays Bank. Fraud is a common phenomenon particularly in the banking industry, and must be proactively managed at all costs. It’s a game management must win against criminals. In most cases management do not know what is going on in their own back yard.

John Chibaya Mbuya

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KEY EXPERT IN: Risk Management Strategies, Financial Accounting Strategies, Restructuring/ Turnaround Strategies, Growth Strategies, Corporate Governance, HR, Mentorship and people growth strategies, Super motivation strategies. Operational Strategies, Marketing Strategies, Fraud Management Strategies, Transformational Strategies, Stakeholder Management Strategies, Wellness and Health Strategies, Safety Strategies, Mentorship Strategies, All rounder banker.

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