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I was totally shocked to see this morning that my daughter could not get her lunch in her school bag because of all her books and textbooks. No, she is not in High School but only in Grade 6. She was forced to get and extra bag to take her books in.


I asked her why does she have all your books everyday and she said she needs it for homework.


I am shocked to think that there is no management from the teachers that offers the various subjects. She has homework everyday from almost all her subjects. She only finishes her homework between 5-6pm.


Don’t get me wrong I am all for hard work and dedication, but this seems more like a lot of pressure from the teachers and the expectations is not managed accordingly.


My son is in high school and his school bag is lighter and his homework load is less. I asked him why is he so relaxed and always done before her. He said “Mom look at my homework roster” Yes! My son has a homework roster where each teacher is assigned on a specific day of the week to give homework so that they do not clash or overwhelm the children.


There is enough peer pressure the children have to deal with, LIke coping witht he new curriculum and the standard of work that is expected from them.  I do hope my letter to the Grade 6 Teachers finds some form of understanding and better management.

School should be about the enjoyment of learning and the enjoyment of everyday of the week being shared with your friends.  You take away the joy, you take away there passion to learn.

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7 thoughts on “Rules of weighing school bags and text books

  • Bronwyn Newman Post author

    Thank you so much for all your positive feedback and informative responses. For now we settled on a locker until the ipad comes into play. The teachesr was very understanding. I think there must of been other parents concerns involved.

  • Lelo Myeza

    @Charles Dey. That is rather not a solution for an ordinary parent. Not saying she cannot afford however she maybe not the only parent concerned but hundreds others. iPad and technology come with advanges and disadvantages when it come to education systems.

  • Charles Dey

    There is an easy solution – buy your daughter an iPad and download her books.

    Will save you a fortune in the end.

    Many, many schools are adopting this strategy.

  • Elze Ollerenshaw

    Brownyn, go and look up the learning outcome for all the  subjects on your daughters grade and it might explain the volumes of homework she is expected to do.

    Chat to the other parents in the grade, it everyone gets together the school and relevant teachers have to change the way in which they do things.

  • Sylvia F. Hammond

    From attending functions at my granddaughters’ schools I notice that there is an enormous difference in size, height and build within one grade – I’m sure partly because children grow so fast and the difference from a birthday in January to a birthday in December is enormous.  On top of that there is the genetic predisposition of whether they are large build or small.  So something easily carried by a well developed child surely is an enormous strain for the smaller ones.  Some kind of benchmark of what is the maximum per grade might be useful. 

    Just another thing for the Minister of Basic Education to worry about.  She must think she can’t win.  All the text books arrive – and now they’re too heavy!

  • Lelo Myeza

    There are 2 sides to this. Previous parents compalined that their children are not given enough homework and that seemed as if they are not doing enough work….what we should be asking is what is reasonable for a Primary kids and a high school kid. Also carry all books to school is not possible. How many teachers can a pupil visit in one day?