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The African National Congress reacted with fury after First National Bank launched a brand campaign which the party says is actually a political statement and propaganda for the Democratic Alliance. Not surprisingly, the bank has already been called an enemy of the ANC and was forced to remove the ad. By SIPHO HLONGWANE.

FNB was called a number of nasty things on Monday by ANC spindoctors after it launched a brand campaign that featured online videos, showing school children giving their views on the country. The ANC, ANC Youth League, ANC Women’s League and the Young Communist League all issued statements condemning the campaign. The bank was accused of basically campaigning for the DA.

The bank said it spoke to 1,300 children from around the country to get a “current snapshot of the opinions of the youth” and filmed some of the children at Naledi Secondary School in Soweto. The views expressed by some of the children infuriated the ANC.

A boy called Christopher said, “South African people need to wake up. 1994 is gone! It is gone! This very minute South Africa faces unemployment, poverty and nationwide strikes, and a government rife with corruption.”

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