It is for all reasons, intent and purposes important that Civil Society, Government, Business and Labour need to seriously ask each other whether the “Gravy Train” has now saturated our economy to such an extent that our society is completely “Out of Order”.

Our Government and its Business “Stakeholder Partners” do not feel embarrassed in attending the World Economic Forum suggesting that South Africa is the “Place for Investment”. How do we nswer to the Poor deal of thousands of workers hard at work in the mining sectors. How do we respond to the blatant imequality to the farmers vs. workers conditions of employment and measily wages that are paid to workers.

How do we respond to the immaturity in our labour movement in not having the foresight in what can happen when they themselves become strikers as opposed to mediate and negotiate on behalf of workers. Were the labour movement never aware that soon their own constituents will realize that their partnership in government will lead to the unacceptable position that poor starving workers are left without a solution to their plight for a better life in our democracy.

Government, labour and business must stop pretending and need a desperate recovery from nostalgia to become real leaders of the people. Our Reserve Bank, our Economic Advisors and our Ministry of Finance as well as the Planners in the Presidency need to clearly define the poor state on our economy and how do we recover from such blatant poor leadership in all sectors that influence the development and economic progression of South African Society.

To best describe the South African scenario at this point is that which was built by our democratic leaders on 27 April 1994 is slowly eroding into yet “Another Failing Government” on the beloved “African” Continent. Our education is in a mess and does not enhance the National Human Resources Strategy that underpin sustainable economic growth and development. The labour movement is ineffective in playing a contributory role in developing people for a growing economy and a better life for all.

The norms of orderly government appears to erode the vision of freedom and democracy for all. Our society is growing with a handful of haves against the masses of poverty stricken have nots. There appears to be no solution to a growing unemployment as a result of poor economic and social delivery for all. Our police have to deal with an untenable crowd of strikers, leader-less as the labour movement has lost the trust of its constituents. What a pity and an embarrassment in the face of international observation. Has democracy failed us or, did we fail democracy.

Our people lack the knowledge, skills and wisdom that can develop and enhance a value and moral society free from the fear of being homeless, penniless and once more used as a football for the hungry mercenaries that are like vultures in the economic equation who are prowling the African Continent in order to seek a quick buck in oppressing the labour force that are desperate to survive.

Let us not be bystanders to this “Circus” but come out and voice our disgust at the blatant corruption that plague our labour, government and business communities. We must all regard ourselves as responsible and accountable for the poor state of affairs in our country and the eroding of the economy due to the various political, social and business activities that are negatively affecting our Constitution and our Beautiful Rainbow Nation.

We have the people with the right intent as well as the economic opportunities and a great vision and purpose and if we are able to trust each other, work together to the benefit of all our people, we can be that successful country and beautiful people that I and you believe we are. We call on all the role players and the experts that can once more attempt to put us on a road of social, political and economic recovery.

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  • Sylvia F. Hammond

    Very well said Moegsien – we do have the people “with the right intent ….great vision and purpose … and if we are able to trust each other …” and work together we can be the beautiful country you and I believe we can be.