South African Professional Trainers Association (SAPTA) 5

I’m really excited about the 3rd SAPTA meeting this Saturday. We’ve laid some of the initial ground-work and 2013 is a year of action and results. 

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5 thoughts on “South African Professional Trainers Association (SAPTA)

  • Charles Cotter, PhD Post author

    Hi Adolph, thanks for the follow-up query. SAPTA is alive and well, but has been recently constrained by a number of administrative, technological, time and capacity issues. Membership has gradually grown. We plan to have an end-of-year event for paid-up members. If you are interested in joining as an Affiliate member, please provide your e-mail address so that I can provide you with the necessary documents. Please check out and like the SAPTA FB page I’ll keep the Skills Universe updated with the latest SAPTA developments.   

  • Charles Cotter, PhD Post author

    The ExCo members of SAPTA had a very productive meeting this weekend. Three work groups were constituted to fast -track progress, namely: Governance; Membership/certification and Marketing/Administration.