Quick facts about SA’s post schooling system in 2013

Measuring progress and assessing future challenges within the Post Schooling Education and Training system in SA will help us determine where we have come from and where we need to go. Here are some quick statistics about the current state of our higher education landscape


  1. 1.    SA University enrolments have increased from 495 356 in 1994 to 937 455 in 2011
  2. 2.    The Department will provide R6billion to universities from 2012-2015 for Infrastructure projects (R6,6billion in 2007-2011)

v  Universities to match this new investment with R2billion

Bulk of the funding going to historically disadvantaged Institutions for accommodation and historical backlogs

v  9000 new beds in student accommodation in the next 3 years

v  Infrastructure includes improving disability access

v  Funding towards Engineering, Health Sciences, Life and Physical Sciences, Teacher Education, Humanities and Social Sciences.


  1. 3.    National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) expanding access to higher education

v  Allocation to University and FET Colleges has increased from R2,375 billion in 2008 to R7billion in 2012

991 759 student-beneficiaries of R25billion in loans and bursaries between 1991 and 2011

v  28 464 students assisted through NSFAS final year programme; 16 906 graduated with loans converted to full bursaries in 2011

  1. 4.    Infrastructure Allocations

Upgrading and new construction: R1, 114,195 billion to Historically Disadvantaged Universities/Campuses:

Student housing: R1 412,638 million to HD Universities

Student housing: R239,136 million to Historically Advantaged Universities

Engineering: R509,079 million to meet scarce skills needs

Teacher Education: R662,460 million to meet scarce skills needs

Life and Physical Sciences: R546,721 million to meet scarce skills needs

Health Sciences: R442, 519 million to meet scarce skills needs.

Cooperative Projects: R114,500 million partnerships with HDIs:

Development of African Languages, Humanities and the Social Sciences: R311,654 million

Disability Units: R123,835 million upgrading and new infrastructure

Research infrastructure: R74, 053 million well founded laboratories.

Project management support: R55 million

  1. 5.    Improvements in Teacher Education include:

v  Teacher graduates increased from under 6000 in 2008 to 10 300 in 2011

v  National service-linked bursary scheme for teacher education students (Funza Lushaka) and earmarked NSFAS loans

v  4 new teacher education campuses to be opened in Eastern Cape, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal. First  one to be opened: January 2013 (Siyabuswa)

v  Between 2009-2012 universities involved in foundation phase teacher training increased from 13 to 20

ü  Students in Teacher Education increased from 9672 to 14 401 between 2009-2012


  1. 6.    Student Housing

v  Allocation to HDI for student accommodation amounts to R1,4million

v  R239,136 million to Historically Advantaged Universities

v  PIC and DBSA in discussions with 12 universities about funding to augment government funding

v  Norms and standards to be gazetted before 31 March 2013

v  Student accommodation to have bias towards 1st Year students


  1. 7.    FET COLLEGES

v  A total of 100 000 new spaces across all FET Colleges for 2013.

v  FET College intervention initiated to improve programme delivery, performance and efficiency

v  Task Team finalizing report on the review of NC (V) qualifications

v  FET Colleges Turnaround Strategy being implemented

v  Qualified CFOs from SAIC deployed in FET Colleges

v  Development of the College Council Chamber

v  FET College Improvement Project in Limpopo and the Eastern Cape

  1. Expansion of the College sector and improving Quality

v  Funded programmes enrolment increased by 34% in 2012

v  Bursaries to students increased from R100m in 2007 to R1,7billion in 2012

ü      237 908 bursary beneficiaries between 2009 and 2011

v  Enrolments increase to more than 650 000 in 2011

v  Over 49 000 students in Report 191 programmes (N-Courses)

v  Re-introduction of N4-N6 for Colleges – towards a National Diploma

v  CFOs from SAICA deployed in 40 Colleges


  1. 9.    Higher Education and Training Funding for Skills Development
  • Increased funding allocations for Further and Higher Education:

R2,5billion allocation towards FET Colleges Expansion and Capacity Building Development Programme

v  R404 million for expansion of MBCHB and Veterinary Sciences Programmes at UP

v  Plan to fund SA Renewable Energy Training Centre with projected establishment cost of R78,8million; R8,38million operational budget over 3 years

v  R212million for Universities to provide on-the-job training

  • SETA Management improvements for better performance

v  Offices opened in FET Colleges to provide access to SETAs for beneficiaries

v  New SETA grant regulations published in Government Gazette

  • Learnerships

v  2011-12: 16 180 Workers vs 12 736 Target; 26 523 Unemployed vs 15 253 Target

v  Quarter 2, 2012-13 FY: 10 704 Workers  and 14 425 Unemployed entered into Programmes

  • National Artisan Development Recognition of Prior Learning framework currently being implemented


Issued on behalf of the Ministry for Higher Education and Training

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