School Leavers with Work Experience

We have found that after all is done and the Matrics of last year have settled where they want to be for this year there is always those who are left standing for a number or reasons such as they could not afford to study, they missed a learnership opportunity or they really have circumstances that require that they find work.


If anyone knows of school leavers who are looking for opportunities in the call centre industry, I have a few opportunities that may be of interest. 


The Client is an International Call Centre dealing in Sales from UK, AU, CA.  The following criteria are sought:


* Young, Dynamic individuals (Between the ages of 18-30 will fit the current staff cultural dynamic)

* English first language / neutral Accent (Additional lanuages such as French, Manderin will be an advantage but they must be fluent and conversational)

* Matric (preferred not essential)

* Previous work experience (this may be casual/temporary employment for Retail or Restaurant or Call Centre)

* Drivers License and Own Vehicle preferred

* computer literate

* Sales Skills and abilty to Sell


Please note: that although our access criteria are seemingly easy to achieve, the applicant will be assessed.  Sometimes there are some real awesome diamonds out there that need an opportunity when they have not the means to study further, we are looking for you and in return we provide a competitve salary, training, experience and bonus structure.  This is an awesome place to work, unique in its thinking and the rewards have proven fantastic for those who are prepared to do just that – work hard!


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