Has the broadcasting media lost the plot? 1

Has a prank call from Australia radio dj’s gotten out of hand with the death of a nurse after a prank call made to the hospital to gain some very private information on Kate Middleton pregnancy. Has Etv’s respect towards there viewers been brought down to ratings only.


I am sitting back in shock at how low media journalism has dropped to sensationalism and ratings.  Various website Headlines were alarming, just to get me to click on the article link to find out if Tata was OK.

Thanks to ETV broadcasting an old interview release to boost ratings on the former presidents Nelson Mandela’s health to boost speculations and cause great concern amongst the public is cruel and insensitive.


I rushed to work the next day to tell our journalists of the sad news I witnessed on ETV. Finding myself ‘Clicking’ on every online news headline to read every bit of information i can find to confirm it.


I recently read an article with an apology from eNCA NEWS for displaying the old footage of Mandela’s wife stating that she is sadden by the ‘Sparkle’ fading in her husband.


Link below

eNCA Sorry for Madiba mistake




How much trust should we continue to have in news broadcast. Do we need second opinions before repeating any news we hear and read or should we have a new HOAX Slayer for journalism as well.


I feel that ethics should be practised in the learning process to always have ‘US’ the ‘People’s” best interest at heart.

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One thought on “Has the broadcasting media lost the plot?

  • Sylvia F. Hammond

    I absolutely agree with you Bronwyn.  It’s tragic that a person felt so badly about that hoax call that they took their own life – truly a family tragedy.   I also saw the apology for using an old clip without making it clear at the time of broadcasting that it was a few years old. 

    We have print and TV media who seem to think that printing any unfounded allegations, invading privacy, demeaning the dignity of individuals is all fine and OK.  

    We also have a lot of “advertorials” claiming to make scientific statements that are actually just adverts selling something – and this is not clearly stated that it’s an advertisement.

    Information is not neutral – it comes from a point of view – and we should always ask ourselves: who’s making the statement and what’s their agenda?