Tasmeera Adam & Associates your partners in Higher Education 1

Tasmeera Adam
HR,HRD,LR,SDF,Assessor,Coach,Motivational Speaker,materials Developer

As an SMME we are 100% BEE and 200% dedicated to the upliftment of skills in South Africa.
No project is too big or too small as we are passionate about higher education from the cradle to infinity and beyond.
We have an ABC policy.
We come to you for all your skills development needs.
All material is tailor made to meet your specific needs and is unit standard alligned.
Contact Tasmeera on 073 3718218

or on tasmeera.adam@gmail.com  

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One thought on “Tasmeera Adam & Associates your partners in Higher Education

  • Nomsa Patience

    hI! Tasmeera it Nomsa i just need to know if you train people or mentor them, because young ambitious lady how will like to achieve some of the skill im a receptionist in an organisation which i started voluntering at after i’ve study live technical event production so i dont have any paper work & i dont even know much more about admin work so can you advice me or help me, yes i learn from my best i try to adjust where i can but its hurting that i dont have any paper work bt i do have a knowledge because where i am its a school for people how come from disadvantage family. bt please if the are learnership for individual/employee please assist send me an email npndlovu@msn.com