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My New book Will Be Out 23rd December 2012.




The Book has the following chapters:



Introduction                                                     7

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Chapter One                                                     13

The Book Writing Process                                 13

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Chapter Two                                                    25

Planning Your Book                                          25



Chapter Three                                                 31

Writing The Book                                             31



Chapter Four                                                   43

Book Editing And Organizing                            43



Chapter Five                                                    47

Book Publishing                                               47



Chapter Six                                                      69

Marketing, Promoting, Distributing

Of Your Book                                                    69



Chapter Seven                                                 89

What Is Your Situation Right now?                   89



Chapter Eight                                                   97

Share Your Story With The World 97



Chapter Nine                                                    103

Why Getting Published The “Old Way” Is

Still The “Only Way” To Bestseller Status        103



Chapter Ten                                                     107

Build A Platform                                               107



Chapter Eleven                                                117

How Do You Become Best Seller?                     117



Chapter Twelve                                                129

Steps To Building And Leveraging An

Online Community                                           129


Chapter Thirteen                                              135

eBooks                                                              135


Chapter Fourteen                                             141

The Red Hot Secrets For Authors                      141


Chapter Fifteen                                                147

Challenges And Mistakes Authors

Make                                                                147


Chapter Sixteen                                                153

Multiple Sources Of Income For Authors           153


Chapter Seventeen                                           161

The One Million Dollar Plan                              161


Chapter Eighteen                                             173

Building An Email List That Makes Money

 On Auto Pilot                                                  173


Conclusion                                                      187


Get Help With Your Book

Project                                                            195


About The Author                                            197


Other Books By The Author                             183

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