I recently attended a few courses namely: Facilitate Learning, Assessors and Design and Develop a learning program. I am now interested in completing the OD ETDP NQF 5 certificate.

I need to find out if there is a highly recommended institution that i can register with and should it not be the same FET that i did the three courses with, will I be credited with the courses that i have already attended once I am accredited.



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One thought on “OD ETDP

  • Des Squire

    The institution where you did the training should have registerred you on the National Learner Record Database. This being the case they you hafve credits for the studies you have udertaken and yes, these remain with you and you will automatically receive thesee credits towards and applicable qualification. 

    You should also receive a certificate from the ETDP SETA related to what you have completed. Make sure you get this.