How effective is the labour department


What are the key elements when searching for work? What are the benefits of applying for a Learnership at the Labour Deparmtent?


The education department has placed so many strategies into place to encourage learners to achieve there best results so that they will be considered for personal loans at the NSFAS and Eduloan.


The labour department has a section where you can register on there database for learnerships and internships.

However, i have received some negative feedback from students and individuals who have been on there database for a very longtime and get no feedback or any form of correspondence is given.


Should they be outsourcing there services on various career panels? How effective is it working for people. Or is it just a game of luck a chance…

Have you heard of they have some great opportunities and information regarding learnerships.


Below is also contact details from SAQA who has also launched a National Career Advice Helpline.

086 0111 673

Email Address:



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