Hurricane Sandy 2

I watched in disbelief… using up all my bandwidth to follow any and every piece of viral information on this Hurricane that is set to create and cause so much destruction.

When i saw the geographical extent on how large it was in comparison to our provinces, it let me into thinking how blessed i felt that South Africa was safe.

It was still extremely heartbreaking watching the destruction and devastating impact it left behind. When I heard Obama declare New York a major disaster area my heart sank. The ‘BIG APPLE’ how could this be?

Then i got the weirdest sms saying that the movie that made called ‘2012’ starts off with New York being flooded and this year being 2012, New York was flooded. Coincidence maybe…






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2 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy

  • Benedicta Nwamgbe

    Yes Bronwyn it makes one think whether this is a coincidence or not; also depending on one’s belief. However as a starting point and as Skills Development/ETD professionals, we need to integrate such issues as awareness training within our organisations as some form of measure to minimise these effects on our environment and start being eco-friendly