I am Seta’s call centre and helpline

For some, this may make you think it is like a DEJAVU blog or a ‘Dear Abby’ song.

So I am just going to cut to the chase.

What really annoys me is doing the setas’ work. They refer people to me to give them the information that they have. Does this make sense??

I was recently asked how to go about sending staff on training as they pay SDL levies? I referred them to Merseta to get the ‘valued’ information they need to move forward: to understand the process of selecting a suitable training provider. All they told her was to contact a training company and they will do all the paper work.

She called back to tell me that they were rude and so unhelpful and begged me to help her further, which of course I did.

My second call came from a newly registered training company seeking accreditation. I again referred her to the Health and Safety Seta but she immediately said they are so rude and unhelpful. Once again I assisted very kindly and in a helpful manner.

Don’t get me wrong, i do love that i can assist everyone and anyone to be successful in there role as a training provider as well as a training manager who is there to better and improve on staff skills.

What beneficial role does the Seta play??? They string you along when you apply for accreditation. Then they take your money – which is, as I am told, no small amount.

They offer all these wonderful opportunities once you are;

  1. registered
  2. paying
  3. and owned by them

So what happens to you thereafter? Do you also feel that their after-service is cold and unhelpful? Is the Seta so powerfully minded that they don’t care? Do they have the attitude of ‘you need them more than they need you’?

Do they have too much staff not capable of dealing with people or did you just accidently get the wrong person at the wrong phone call?

What makes a Seta a good Seta?

Promises or After Service Delivery…

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