Fais Act Regulatory exam 1

I have recently been involved in facilitating workshops on the Fais Act regulatory exams.

Learners must pass this exam to work as a Financial Advisor in South Africa.

We had 3 full day workshops plus “homework” between workshops this included mock exams.

Despite all the prep work the pass rate has been dismal.

A range of different facilitators were used across SA. The results were similar.


Any ideas on what works or does not work?




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One thought on “Fais Act Regulatory exam

  • Mitcho Williams

    What I don’t understand is why they made the re-write fees so pricey R1000 per attempt via Moonstone. I have had 3 attempts thus far missed the first and 3rd exam by 1 mark, the 2nd by 2 marks, to re mark costs R300 which makes one feel is it worth it to request that or do I spend another R1000. This RE Exam process is very unfair and costly, will there not be any other alternative? and the deadline is March 2013.