Enjoy the HRD expo everyone 2

For those of you attending the HRD expo, good luck and I hope you all have a fantastic time, with lost of networking and business opportunities. Of late there have been quite allot of pessimistic postings and a sense of stress and concern for many HRD professionals, but I sincerely hope that this expo provides some opportunity for positive gains for you, your organisations and the work that you do with your learners. I unfortunately am tied down this week, but do wish I was going up and could meet some of you face-to-face for the first time. If any of you pop past the North West University stand, please do send my best to Dr John Van Der Merwe, the Head of HRD programmes at the varsity and one of my lecturers. Ask him about his passion of refurbishing Vespa scooters, it certainly is entertaining and always reminds me, that we all need a passion and interest outside of HRD, outside of our every day working lives to add a bit of balance and give us that extra-spring to our steps. Well, I wish you all a few springs in your steps and enjoy the expo.

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2 thoughts on “Enjoy the HRD expo everyone

  • Ashwell Glasson Post author

    Thanks very much for that Sylvia, excellent article. I enjoy the value you emphasize on varying corporate cultures and policy needs. A great read!

  • Sylvia F. Hammond

    Hi Ashwell thanks for a positive upbeat post.  Co-incidentally, I was just adding an article to the HRportal and on HR strategy and suggested that one of the benefits of having an HR strategy is the focus on the long-term, especially useful in difficult economic and political times – it’s available on:

    Click here for theHRportal.co.za