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Hi, can anyone recommend a good textbook on basic business and finance principles (and I mean basic)?  I’d like to educate someone on the subject and would like to read a good book first.  It should be aimed at an audience who has no idea how a business works, and must include basic finance concepts such as profit/loss, what “shareholders” are, and so forth.  It would be preferable if it’s written in easy-to-understand English.  If it includes information on company-related legislation, that would be a bonus.


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2 thoughts on “Book on basic business and finance principles

  • Jackie Franck Post author

    Thanks so much Andy.  I have put some basic information together using the Internet, but I think your idea of the “school books” is great – I know exactly which ones you are referring to.

    Thanks again

  • Andy Kieswetter

    Hi Jackie. I tried to chat to you. I was wondering if you’ve had any joy with your search for a basic business text book….You could start at the schools. The topics you need or refer to would probably be spread throughout the grades. Otherwise, the internet can be a good teacher too. Just bear in mind that business/ company laws change all the time and are different for each country. Hope you come right.