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Cape Town – Workers at a Cape Town factory are “peed off” because money is apparently deducted from their wages every time they exceed a  12-minute toilet break, it was reported on Wednesday.

The Daily Voice reported that Capewell Springs factory workers in Epping felt the time limit was unreasonable.

“This  is a violation of our human rights…[Two weeks ago] money was deducted  from my wages for time lost,” 40-year-old Keith Hector said.

A photo of one of his payslips showed a deduction of R40, with “LOST” listed under the description.

Shop steward Dulon Beneke, 39, said he had to take time off when he got a stomach bug.

“I had to take sick leave because I can’t afford to run to the toilet every time.”

A labour department official told the newspaper the Basic Conditions of Employment did not go into detail about toilet breaks, but expected  common sense to be applied.

Capewell Springs director Graham Montgomery refused to speak to the newspaper.

“I have nothing to say to you,” he said before ending the call.{%2210151081150406025%22%3A362118453871233}&action_type_map={%2210151081150406025%22%3A%22og.recommends%22}&action_ref_map={}




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3 thoughts on “Cape Town factory workers peed-off

  • Wilma de Villiers

    Oh, my goodness, unbelievable!  I wonder what happened that the company implemented this rule!

    We one day played a ‘prank’ at college and informed the staff that the college wanted to ‘up’ our productivity and that too much time is spend by people going to the toilet. There was a roster on the notice board when you were allowed to go to the toilet.  You were allowed to ‘swop’ with a colleague, but first had to get permission from the progamme manager.  It was interesting to watch the people’s faces when this announcement was made.  I could not believe that some people that that it was serious, but after reading about this article, I can understand that  some of the staff believed us!

    I wonder what this company is doing about the smoke breaks!

    Sylvia, your story (or should I rather say, not a story, but the truth!) is also unbelievable, but it shows one something!


  • Bronwyn Newman Post author

    I was shocked when i read this article.  I could not believe that people were being tricked into believing and accepting deductions which are clearly not allowed. I am sure every member that worked with you appreciated your ‘Voice’ and ‘Assistance’.  VIVA SYLVIA VIVA!!   

  • Sylvia F. Hammond

    When I went to work in a clothing factory in 1987 as part of the personnel department I was put in charge of the canteen and toilets.  I found a lady (who reported to me) did nothing other than take rolls of toilet paper and break them into short pieces which she then rolled up and gave to each person as they came from the production line.

    I caused a great fuss when I stopped it and gave the lady a job in the canteen.  We ordered those metal containers for toilet rolls.  I was told very forcefully that the new system (of people taking their own toilet paper and deciding how much they needed) wouldn’t work!  And lo and behold I arrived at work shortly after installation to find that someone had stolen a metal toilet holder off the wall.  I still didn’t back down and insisted we buy a new holder, which we did and when I left a few years later the replaced holder was still in place.  

    I find that treating adults like children invariably results in them behaving like children.

    In terms of BCEA deductions cannot be made (other than statutory tax and UIF, benefits funds, garnishee orders, and standing agreements) without the written permission of the employee with the specifics of each deduction.