If there is anything that require South Africa as a nation to succeed in gaining the upper-hand and proceeding in a growing  and sustainable economy that may work for all of us then we need to seriously look inwardly at ourselves as human capital and talent management experts.

Most of us are really glorified human resources administrators and training clerks that have no leadership nor management skills. We deal in facilitating a process of training, payroll administration, personnel record keeping etc. How many of us can really admit in having knowledge of finance, production, economics, risk management, performance management, succession planning, identify talent, taxation, or any other business areas that add value to your organisation.

Human Resources Business Partnering must be seen as a real challenge for the Human Resources sector to change in mind-set and to transform itself to become a cost centre other we as the human resources division will soon disappear. HR Executives must acquire the broader entrepreneurial business knowledge and skills and develop leaders and managers in all divisions to acquire the HR skills. The Human Resources Division must ask itself how it can maximise profits or how it can add value to the bottom line of the organisation.

If we recognise our people as our greatest asset then why are we not seen as part of that value added asset. We must stop thinking in terms of personnel administration, and the hand of welfare for our greatest asset, the worker, then we need to take up the challenge of becoming the value-added cost centre that regards itself as an equal cost centre to all the other divisions. The challenge for all of us is to decide on how we are going to proceed as the HR Partering with all other divisions operating in the organisation.

HR Business Partnering is our biggest challenge at this juncture of our young democracy and it is going to require a lot of soul searching in whether we are ready for this quantum leap. Whatever way we may choose will be irrellevant to that of change is inevitable, and we need to adjust our thinking and action now. Labour unrest and employer resistance to change is killing our economy. We need to recognise that our social and economic inequalities run so deep in the minds and hearts of the masses that we really do not have time to think but to create the opportunity to develop our HR Business Partnering Leadership starting with all Human Resources and Human Capital Executives that must steer this wonderful opportunity in changing the way in which we all do business. We are really proud of ourselves in wanting to bring about the necessary change in accepting the route of HR Business Partnering.

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