Dr. Daniel G. Fuchs launches new website and is pleased to have his wife join him as a Pastry consultant

Dr. Daniel G. Fuchs, providing full service consulting specializing in Hospitality, Travel, Tourism and Education, is pleased to announce the launch of his new website, http://www.danielgfuchs.com. The website launch marks an important milestone of Dr. Fuchs’s long history of success in consulting hospitality, educational and general businesses. Additionally, Dr. Daniel G. Fuchs, the leading source of expertise for hospitality and education, is proud to welcome his wife Tipparat Fuchs to the Team. Tipparat Fuchs will provide complete solutions in the pastry and bakery sectors.


Dr. Daniel G. Fuchs’s website features a user-friendly design, offering current and prospective clients easy access to updated information on his experience in business and education as well as providing free materials that may be useful to both educators and hospitality professionals The new website include details on specialized solutions – from hospitality and educational related consulting services, including all aspects of planning, implementation and management to hospitality, general businesses and educational sectors, which includes Marketing, Project Management, Business Development  and Customer Relationship Management.


Dr. Daniel G. Fuchs says: “Our industry is a people’s industry; therefore, I strive to provide my clients with a personalized service second to none. I do not provide off the shelve solutions. Each solution and assignment is tailored to suit the needs of my clients.”


Tipparat Fuchs provides pastry consulting services to restaurants, hotels and bakeries. Services range from setting up a new pastry and coffee shops as well as assisting existing ones in product development helping her clients to achieve a positive market differentiation and hence more profit.


Services typically include one or all of the following: Initial planning and concept development, menu development and establish equipment requirements (develop menu items, test recipes, determine kitchen layout), menu pricing (create master recipes, calculate food costs, determine selling prices, generate inventory lists, establish vendor relationships) as well as staff procurement and training.


Restaurants, resorts, and other organizations are all competing for distinction in the categories of property, amenities, and dining. For the dining program at your establishment, Chef Tipparat offers her consultation in designing, creating, testing, and offering new pastries and dessert lines for your guests. Ultimately, when classic tastes are combined with contemporary twists and stunning presentations, your new pastry line will come alive with one-of-a-kind freshness and dramatic visual appeal.


Dr. Daniel G. Fuchs says: “Customers of today are more sophisticated and refined in their demands for top notch quality food and dessert items.”


Consulting with the smallest restaurants to the most lavish resorts, Chef Tipparat can help implement a new dessert line exclusive to your establishment and tailored for your specific clientele.


About Professor Dr. Daniel G. Fuchs:


I am a Swiss national who has been residing in Thailand for 12 years, yet traveled globally on short assignments and consulting projects. Born, raised and educated in Switzerland, with extensive American ( north and south) and Asian hospitality industry and academic experience, make me an effective manager that is capable to bridge any cultural gap.

My work experience extends over 30 years, in a variety of top executive positions both in industry and academia. I enjoy teaching and transferring knowledge to others, and have a keen interest and expertise in organizational development, reorganization (organizational re-engineering) and commercial problem solving and business turnaround. I am a skilled and creative business rehabilitation plan administrator.


About Ms. Tipparat Fuchs:


A Thai national involved in the hospitality industry for over 12 years. Involved in project management, sales and marketing of hotels and resorts both domestically and internationally as well as actually managing hotels. Recently Ms. Tipparat changed her career direction and obtained a Pastry Diploma from the world renowned culinary school Le Cordon Bleu and has become involved in producing delicious mouthwatering desserts, pastries and cakes in 5 star hotels such as the Royal Orchid Sheraton and others.


Contact us:


Dr. Daniel G. Fuchs (PhD)

373 Mooban Krissadanakorn 18

31 Soi Anyamnee



Bangkok, Thailand 10170

Website: http://www.danielgfuchs.com

E-mail: info@danielgfuchs.com

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