Culture and Behaviour Leadership – 8 3

The challenge in getting small businesses to realise that their skills and expertise are sorely needed is slowly gaining some momentum.

What we really need to think of is how we can circumvent big business from using and abusing their extravant control over entrepreneurs. We need to create opportunies for entrepreneurs to emerge in a thriving economy where both the Corporate sector, Government sector and small businesses can identify the importance in putting all shoulders to the wheel that makes our economy a “People Centred Economy” and everyone to be a winner.

Government need to stop talk of the second economy and to be far more supportive to entrepreneurs and small business, to be more flexible in legislation that allows a thriving second economy and stop the unnecessary “RED TAPE”.

The Training & Development sector must also stop being the gullible and passive partner in the entrepreneurial & small business “marriage” and be objective in the kind of training that will assist and support the development of the entrepreneurial and small enterprise sector.

The training & development sector focuses too much in aligning itself to the red tape of academics, government, instead of developing people in a growing and sustainable economy. We need to take regional and National Human Resources Development Strategies more in aligning traing and development of people towards those goals. It has to do in ensuring that business can effectively operate with efficient and competent workers.

Government is pl;aying to its political audiences and do not create jobs. Government need to legislate in line to the requirements of a growing and sustainable economy. We are certainly not on a island and need to look at ourselves as a global economic player. We have a very modern and good democracy, very good road, rail, sea and air infrastructures that are supported by good water quality and electricity and other energy resources. Sad to say though that we are battling in getting our human capital to match our growth and growth potential. the signs are on the “wall”. We are losing investment opportunities, the resource that will make the economic wheels to turn.

Come on South Africans, get ourselves to think economics and let us work together for the common good. There is a lot of discussions around global thinking in transformation in economics as a result of global economic meltdown. Southern Africa is looked at as the region to take on the challenges around new methods and new ways in dealing with economics. Let us not fail the region. let us win the Hearts of Africa and the World.

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3 thoughts on “Culture and Behaviour Leadership – 8

  • Moegsien Harris Post author

     i want to emphasise that I am opposed to capitalism and communism, and that is not at issue. What is in my view a problem is the continuous wrestling between the politicians, labour and employer groups as all of these groups are negatively affecting our economy, foreign investment and socio-economic development of the masses. This is precisely our challenge to get some sanity amongst these very important strakeholder groups.

  • Chantal Bezuidenhout

    Hi Moegsien 

    I love what you have to say! Government talk about developing entrepreneurs, but at every turn entrepreneurs are being disadvantaged in terms of over legislation and crippling compliance fees.

    But as you rightly say – we (Training & development) should take responsibility and do something about it.