The Economic meltdown in the global scenario sends us a clear challenge in finding solutions to the impact it has on humanity, environment and conservation, but more important the impact that it has on our culture 7 behaviour.

We need to debate and discuss what may be the answers to our co-existence, our transformation and our development in a true justice and trustworthy society that we can be proud of as a global socio-economic and political society in the making. We need to agree that we have allowed the maiming and killing of innocent civilians (children, women, mothers, daughters, brothers and fathers) including the illegal occupation of land as well as the criminal invasion of the natural environments, its plant and animal resources.

What is it that humanity needs in order to survive in a decent protective environment where we can secure, food, clothing, shelter and orderely family life. It may sound weird, but the very issues facing the global society today are some of the issues that are coillapsing precisely because of greedy governments and short-sightedness regarding decisions that are taken for others without consultation.

This brings us to the very important aspect in developing the necessary leadership at home, in business, in government and more importantly in labour movements. Governments and / or business can no longer take decisions that affect the masses of people without a fair process of consultation, research and development. If we can better organise our stakeholders in our democracy that we revere so much, we will experience the benefits as we grow in wisdom as a nation.

Culture & Behaviour Leadership is all about “YOU” as the individual and the question that is raised, “are you and I prepared to engage with others, and to consider various alternatives and options in the challenges that we are faced.” People are not asking for your share, they are merely asking that we share fairly with other people in the preserrvation of humanity. We can no longer regard people as different in their race, gender, cultures, values etc. We need to build on common values of trust, respect, LOVE and care. Culture & Behaviour require  all of us to say a clear “YES” to our commitment to LOVE, share, assist and support humanity on the basis of Trust, Respect, Care, Giving and Supporting change and transformation for all humanity.

We must not wait on the world nor do we wait on the United Nations to declare a new economic or social order. It is a given in me and you anyway that we commit ourselves to be trustworthy, to act fairly and to show our willingness to change in exchange for LOVE & Support for Dignity & Respect. We will not judge others in how they want to change, but rather let us be the reason why others want to change. I LOVE diversity of people regardless of belief, culture, race etcetera as it adds so much excitement and challenge in how we comfort and how we find each other. May we never relinguish our position as that of a “Rainbow” nation.

Education, training & deevelopment is obviously a key ingredient in developing the kind of leadership that are required to implement transformation & change. It is not about influencing others but rather using leadership talent, expertise on leadership as recipes for future leaders to emerge in our various sectors of families, communities, business, governments and labour that can change humanity to be more willing to learn, to share, to adapt, to nurture and to care……….. and to LOVE. Hold onto the dignity of humanity and have inalienable respect for our diversity.

You and I like many other experts in the field of change & transformation are positive that we will succeed and face the global society in sustainable people-centred economic growth & development. ViVa People, ViVa Humanity, Long Live People, Long Live Humanity.

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