A senseless loss of life 5

The loss of life uncalled for
Why did they have to die?
Families left behind
Children without fathers
Wives without husbands
Sadness all around
Dear God – what has become of us?

Why such disregard for life?
Why not discuss – not demand?
Violence to gain attention
Why do leaders incite this violence?

Who to blame?
Not the question
The question is
Who caused these deaths?
Those responsible – no matter who
Must pay the price
They must account

The promises made
Left unfulfilled
Hopes built up
Then dashed
Union rivalry
Disastrous leaders
Must carry blame and give account

© Des Squire 17th August 2012

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5 thoughts on “A senseless loss of life

  • Des Squire Post author

    Thank you Sylvia

    I suggested on this site in the past that a simple gesture like saying good morning or hallo to each person we meet, walk past or otherswise come into contact with would go a long way. Try looking at each person we meet and say Hi. By the way I love all members of Skills Universe and am proud of all. Great to have such friends.  

  • Sylvia F. Hammond

    Hi Des, to your question what should we each do – my suggestion: how about each one of us consider how we deal with the people we interact with.  Some examples I’ve observed recently – talking incessantly on a cell phone while unpacking a trolley of food, paying for it with credit card, signing, handing back the slip, picking up bags and walking off – never acknowledged the cashier in any way – must be the worst rudeness I’ve seen in a long time by an extremely well-dressed and well-spoken woman in Woolworths, Reddam shopping centre.  I wonder if her children frequent the posh school next door?   A taxi driving along a notorious local road at 60kph (the correct limit), many other vehicles speeding past, and a young person shoots out from behind and shoots back in front of the taxi and then careers off gesturing – extremely unnecessary actions.

    You know as well as I do that we often react to others in the manner in which we are treated.  So I suggest let’s try showing respect to each person we meet – of whatever social standing.

  • Kholofelo Mogane

    It is said to see so many people die in one day but i think we should go back to the employer , they drive fancy cars, wear fancy clothes ,stay in fancy houses etc. but they pay the peoplpe who make who they are lousy salaries,  had they paid our people decent salaries i don think this could have happened . what is R12000 compared to what they take home. No i angry.

  • Wilma de Villiers

    True, senseless indeed! 

    My blog on ‘bullying’ and the one on ‘violence’ speaks to this.  It is not only leaders that are too blame, but society … each one of us.  How do we raise our children?  What role models are we?  We should not play the blame game, but should rather do something.