Training materials needed 1

I am looking for the following training materials for 2 day training sessions for each course.

• Record management / Bookkeeping
• Drafting business proposals / plans
• Sales / marketing (advertising/ promotions / branding / pricing and displaying, etc)
• The basics of networking

The materials should have if possible:
(a) a Learner Guide, (b)Learner Workbook, (C)Assessor Guide, (d)Facilitator Guide and (e) Matrix and all assessment targets formatives and summatives, targeting all Specific Outcomes, Range Statements, Outcome Notes, Assessment Criteria.

If not all criteria available the MOST important are a – d ( I will pay for materials)

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One thought on “Training materials needed

  • Victoria Siphiwe Mamvura-Gava Post author

    I am urgently looking for following unit standards

    Core 14172
    Building rapport with clients in a funeral business
    Core 14182
    Comply with organisation ethics
    Core 14156
    Exhuming human remains
    Core 14154
    Implementing and participating in administrative procedures in a funeral business
    Core 14137
    Participating in conducting funeral ceremonies
    Core 14184
    Preparing and cleaning human remains for storage
    Core 14186
    Preparing and cleaning human remains for visitation and coffining
    Core 14188
    Preparing the funeral site for burial, cremation or memorial services
    Core 14174
    Providing and demonstrating funeral product and service information to individuals to enable informed decision-making
    Core 14152
    Transporting human remains, the bereaved and materials and equipment
    Core 10025
    Handle a range of customer complaints
    Core 14177
    Presenting funeral provision options to individuals
    Core 14136
    Work as a team member in a funeral business
    Elective 14164
    Maintain housekeeping in a funeral business
    Elective 14163
    Displaying and marking funeral merchandise
    Elective 14159
    Preparing human remains for embalming
    Elective 14162
    Comply with legal requirements and understand legal implications when embalming
    Elective 14169
    Gathering and collating resource data and sourcing and placing disaster equipment