Is there an opportunity to review public private partnership?, or collaboration tactics 1

In the Sundaytimes article dated 1 July 2012 by Caiphus Kgosana and Thabo Mokone , under the caption “Back to School for Cadres” the Authors quote the Gauteng ANC Secretary, Mr David Makhura stating that the ANC amongst others, “ plans to halt the deployment of unqualified and unsuitable members to top positions in the government and parastatals” Mr Makhura maintained that the “ ANC has faced the barrage of criticisms as a result of a string of politically connected people who are either unqualified or unsuitable for their positions”
In the Report on evaluation of training needs of senior managers in Public Sector dated January 2008, the Chairperson of the South African Public Service Commission at the time Prof SS Sangweni pointed out that “Whilst it is readily apparent that Government is currently making a substantial financial investment in training and capacity development, it is much less clear whether the quality and relevance of training is commensurate with expectations and priorities. PSC sought answers to the question of whether the training needs of Senior Managers are being addressed.
The question that may rightfully be raised, according to Prof Sangweni was what the Public Service is doing to bridge the gap between the qualifications and experience these managers have and the competencies that are required of them to successfully implement the policies of Government. In other words, is their training needs being addressed? (Public Service Commission Report on the Evaluation of the Training Needs of Senior Managers” He continued to aver that “The verification of qualifications of Senior Managers conducted by the Public Service Commission (PSC) during 2001 found that the qualification levels of Senior Managers are high, with the average manager holding more than two tertiary qualifications. The fact that managers are clearly well educated has, however, not translated into higher levels of service delivery by government departments. Despite the levels of qualifications there appears to be a dearth of management. Looking at the above, isnt an opportunity to review our public partnership approaches or , at the least collaboration

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One thought on “Is there an opportunity to review public private partnership?, or collaboration tactics

  • Sylvia F. Hammond

    Hi Christopher – thanks for starting this interesting discussion.  From my experience in the private sector I would suggest that tertiary qualifications do not automatically translate into management expertise.  Some highly qualified persons (degreed) make very poor managers. 

    From my limited observation of the public sector it appears to me that in addition to classic management skills, there is also the need for project management skills.  So my question would be: how appropriate is the content of the tertiary qualifications to the actual practical skills required by public sector management at the workplace?