Well the “Chickens have finally come to roost” as the global economic tides show very favourable towards a sustainable economic growth path for the Southern African Region.

The question that really requires an answer is “Are we Ready” for this challenge and its many opportunities. It is acknowledged that the United States of America asa well as Europe has failed in its quest to become the super powers over the developing world. It is clear that they can learn a lot from Africa as the need to be fair and to share equitably is what sustainable economic development is all about.

There is sufficient reason to believe that South Africa and its people need to come to grips that their credibility and trust as the African Economic Renaisance require real strategic positioning and action. What are the issues that South Africa need to seriously need to give attention to? Well it certainly need to look at its foreign policies in relation to those countries that supported their cause to democracy. South Africa has good quality potable water, decent electricity compariung to the best in the world, good road, rail, air and sea capabilities and infrastructure.

It is true to acknowledge the contributions that are made by the world class South African universities and universities of Technmology but our primary and secondary schooling require re-engineering, resources and development. These are critical areas in medium to long term skills development but unfortunately our schooling and FET Colleges are under resourced and sometimes lack competencies among educators. Do we really believe that the educators and the quality assurance in the FET College arena seriously address the objectives of the NSDS iii and the National Human Resources Strtegy? Let us stop playing with the lives of the masses and get some efficient and effective scholars, entrepreneurs and civil society to get our workinbg people upskilled as a priority. This will give effect to sound labour relations.

If we can get our economy on the move and on a right path as a sustainable growing economy, then the challenges facing our region in housing, job security, health and welfare and feeding our nation including safety and security can be addressed in a better way than presently applied where we are just putting out fires while the rest of the country is in crisis.

The Western Notion of believing that they know best in what is good for the African Continent and the African Nation must come to an end if we really want to ensure that “Ubuntu” is a workable recipe, and not the “Capitalist Oppressive” economic system that keeps African in “chains.” Let us become serious and act responsibly in the interest of Africa and the african Nation. We up the leaders of Africa and stand tall against the oppression of the world. Rise South Africa and Africa in the wake of the “African Renaisance” let us bring about the necessary changes in economics that will shape the world to a new just and equitable global society.

The Time is NOW !

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