The LovingĀ and Caring attitude that we inculcate in ourselves are what we will present to other people who will see us in that manner as part of our culture and behaviour.

The search to answers to human behaviour is endless, and complex, as it is so often asked as to what motivated a person to react in a certain way. If we are so far from answers to all these thousands of questions relating to our culture and behaviour, how do we really address these in our relationship to our family, community, and our friends and colleagues. we have to work and respect each other and we are dependant on each other to succeed and to achieve in our common goals.

We find that under different circumstances and more especially when we have to work together that we have leaders and followers. The one is dependant on the other in order to achieve our common goals, and we therefore have to give encouragement and support to each other. We listen and support the leader by giving total commitment to perform a task with only one common objective, to achieve the set goals.

Our behaviour is very much goal oriented, in other words we behave in a manner, concious of goals that we have agreed on beforehand, to perform in a direction of attaining maximum success in the achievement of our goals. It is good advice that we have to sometimes, or most times have to ponder on our own behaviour, and to ask ourselves why we have behaved in a certain manner, as we of course develop our own patterns of behaviour. It is because of certain behaviour in ourselves that we do things or act subconciously, and that are some of the reasons why we will have difficulty in finding answers to so many of the qiuestions in culture and our behaviour. It is good to listen, and sometimes to ponder on the advice of others before taking action.

We will maybe get to that point where we will disagree with those who believe that our quest for answers to our culture and behaviour is slim or at times impossible to answer. I am positive that we can accept that answers can be found and that we will respect one another in our diversity and build on the blocks of team-work in order to realise optimum results in achieving our common goals.

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