We need to give a little more thought to our behaviour if we really want to contribute to a good growing sustainable economy that will support social development and greater security to the betterment of our society.

Is work in effect a real necessary, or is it a behaviour and culture that we enjoy. We have in so many organisations developed greater and smarter cohesive work-teams. These wonderful work-teams that are referred to have their team’s goals parallel to that of the organisation they serve. Everyone buy-in to these goals and accept their responsibility as a member of a winning team. There are normally high productivity in such organisations and people gladly come to work because of their values match their personal beliefs and work therefore become inherently satisfying.

It is accepted that strong informal work groups cause suspicion in management and it is perceived as such to be harmful within working groups. There are three elements inherent in a social system:

– Activities are the tasks that people perform

– Interactions are the behaviours that occur between people in performing these tasks

– Sentiments are the attitudes that develop between individuals and within groups

These elements that are highlighted are evident and are closely related and frequently occurs amongst groups where individuals have greater power over other people. It is when one al;lows these individuals the opportunity to deal with groups of people where the resultant effect can be deevastating to cohesive working groups. People develop sentiments towards each other as a result of interacting in job activities. The more positive the sentiments, the more will people tend to interact in a good way towards each other.

Leaders and managers have therefore a crucial role to play in creating a happy and contented workplace and work groups that are developed in a manner of “belonging”. it is for the leaders and managers to lead in greater and good cultures and behaviour amongst teams and to make each person to feel “special” and “important” as members of teams in the organisation.


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  • Wilma de Villiers

    The influence of people in the workplace over other people is sometimes scary. My colleague said to me one day: “Don’t blame me for the way that you are feeling.  I cannot control your feelings.  Control your own feelings.”  I really thought a lot about it and realized it is so true what she said.  I must learn to control my feelings and not get influenced so much about what other people are saying.