Our economy can do far better if only the stakeholders can realise that we do not have a work culture nor work ethics embedded in our employable society.

The risk to would be investors in our economy is identified as our inability to balance work ethics & standards to our labour challenges. This phenomona include government, labour and employers to take on the challenges in bringing about transformation in our labour activities, legislation and the application thereof.

The appointment of senior executives in all sectors of our economy is more politically based with hardly any foundation to abilities, efficiencies and effectiveness. To raise our economic development by 8 % per annum can be achieved only if we are really serious in getting South Africa “back to work”. We desperately need to tacle the challenges around our culture & behaviour at home, in our communities, in government and in the workplace. Employers and the labour movement need desperate help in being educated themselves to improve the economy for the sake of our people and the country.

We are seen by the international business and political communities as well as international labour movements to have the talents and skills that can improve the labour prospects and conditions in Africa, as well as impact on how we all do business throughout the world. It is time that our employer and labour communites mature economically and that go or perhaps we are going to vernment lead the way for rapid and aggressive culture and behaviour transformation in our wonderful economy.

We have risked so much in the need of our nation to rise as “The New Economic Order” for the world, that will make us proud.

All the stakeholders in our wonderful country need to re-visit every piece of legislation that are hampering sustainable economic growth. Training & Development of our human capital is taking strain over more than a decade of abuse by the education system, as well as by incompetent stakeholders involved in the training and development arena. Training apopear not to be focused on the critical needs and requirements of our National Human Resources Strategy or perhaps we are going too slow on improving the lot of our nation. “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee” as we can no longer play mind games with the people who deserve better services. It is a “Travesty of Justice” that we continue to bicker about skills and the needs that will grow our economy. We want the ordinary citiozen to save of their wealth and to invest in the future economic needs, however, there is nothing to save except “POVERTY”

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