In THE CAPE TIMES, 2 August 2012, a director of artisan training company said that some FET Colleges does not enable students to obtain jobs in industry.  According to him the reason is a lack of practical experience in the workplace.  The statement is made that ‘many students’ lack the skills.  I wonder if this is based on research, a wild guess or a person’s view that had experiences with 1 or 2 students that lacked these skills.  It is dangerous to generalize.

The response to my blog on the transfer of learning to the workplace was a bit disappointing, because this article contributes to the argument of transfer of knowledge to the workplace.(Blog:  Transfer of Learning, posted 17 July 2012)

 Work experience in our SAQA ECD courses is an essential component of the curriculum.  Our full time learners spend a minimum of one day per week at an ECD site, they do in-service training at the ECD site on our premises and they go out for block periods of in-service training. Learnership students attend 4 days a workplace and one day at college for lecturing.

 That is why I decided to do my research paper on this topic to find out what the challenges and/ or causes are that implementation is not taking place the way it should.

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