South Africa needs to speed up training competencies to stimulate economic development 1

It appears that the economy as well as the efficient and effective training of our human capital are mere political chat talks between the political powers and the corporate “fat cats” who show very little interest in the aspirations of the masses of our unemployed youth.


The difficulty appears to be the absolute incompetent people that are put in charge of ensuring that Training & Development of our human capital really takes place. It is criminal of those responsible who show little regard to the masses of poverty stricken and unemployed citizens who want to be educated and developed in skills but cannot be given the opportunity of a basic training funding assistance nor a bursary that are suppose to be available for skills development.


It is high time that the voices of the ordinary members of our society be heard on this very crucial matter of skills development as we are going deeper in economic crisis. The powers in education need to really audit itself but need to desperately salvage a very volatile training situation. The youth are ready and really hungry to be educated and to be included in what can be a success story to tell the world on how to address an economy and the betterment in the social conditions of civilise society. We often see the academics and the politicians play with semantics and very little contribution in developing a hungry nation. The excitement in our youth is there but a failing business community and a useless will by government to really bring about change to the status quo.


Academics and training providers also need to take stock of themselves as to their own ability in addressing the training and development crisis in our communities. One need to seriously ask ourselves whether we consult broadly with the recipients of the intended development that should take place. We are talking seriously about public funds and institutions, and whether they align themselves to the National Skills Development Strategy iii and the National Human Resources Strategy ?


The statistics to the National targets are serious indictment to the commitment and willingness of all those who are on this “Luxury” “Gravy Train”.

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