Fresh perspectives lead to fresh ideas

If you’ve been struggling to come up with fresh ideas perhaps a new perspective is needed. A photography class is the perfect way to get your creative juices flowing again by helping you see things from a different angle. Photography is a great skill to have whether you use it in a personal or business capacity and it gives you the opportunity to discover and develop unknown talents.

The Cape Town school of photography offers small classes for personalised training placing particular emphasis on individual participation and group interaction. Most of the courses run for the duration of between eight and ten weeks as either morning or evening sessions.

Alternatively there are short intensive courses, one-on-one personalised sessions and weekend workshops.

Introductory Photographic Courses

The beginner’s courses are designed to provide the technical and compositional skills required to create a strong photographic image. These courses are practically orientated and include weekly shooting assignments.

Intermediate Photographic Courses

Students who are keen to further develop photographic skill and knowledge, are encouraged to enroll for one of the intermediary courses or workshops.

Advanced Photographic Courses

These courses are recommended for students who have completed both an introductory and intermediary photographic course. These are high level entry courses and require students to be committed to their own creative process.


View a selection of works for a student exhibition held at the Cape Town School of Photography

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