Sectoral Determination wage increases for Hospitality & Taxi sectors effective 1 July 2012

The Department of Labour has announced a wage increase for employees in the taxi and the hospitality industries with effect from July 1.

 According to the department, the current minimum wages for hospitality sector employers with more than 10 employees is currently at R2 323.87 per month, while the minimum wage for employers with less than 10 employees is R2 084.52.

Morgan Mokwana, an assistant director at the department’s Limpopo office, said the increments will see employers with more than 10 employees hiking their wages to R2 495.80 per month and those with fewer employees will hike wages to R2 240.60 per month.

Shifting focus to the taxi industry, Mokwana said the increments will see taxi drivers raking in wages amounting to R2 449.90 per month, the same amount that will be earned by the administrative workers in the industry.

 “[This is] a giant footstep from the previous year’s R2 160.00 per month,” Mokwana said.

 Mokwana explained that rank marshals will pocket R231.40 more from their previous R1 728.80 per month, a move that will shift them to R1 959.40 per month.

 He said other employees within the sector, who are not elsewhere specified, will upgrade from the previous R1 512.03 per month to a minimum wage of R1 713.70 per month.

Still on the taxi industry, Mokwana said if an employer requires an employee to sleep over at a place other than where the employee resides, the employer must either pay the employee the amount of R279.93 per night or an employer must arrange accommodation for an employee.

 Albert Tshidavhu, Head of Department in Limpopo, said the inspectorate will randomly do the spot checks to monitor if the increments are implemented.

“If employers are found not to be complying with these amendments, they must be ready to face the full might of the law. 

 Compliance is for the benefit of both employers and employees, therefore it is a must. This is why we have competent and capable personnel at labour centres to assist them when they encounter challenges,” Tshidavhu said. Report by BuaNews

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