The use of the “N” word (full word) by non-black people.

Here is an interesting conversation, on LinkedIn regarding the use of racist words.  This started off on the use of the N word in the USA and goes much deeper. There is a lot of really good input and some inevitable conflict.

It starts like this

“Dear Colleagues,

I am needing a bit of support after a challenging class (cross-cultural) and wanted to ask you all if you have you ever had the n-word (full word) used in your class ? If so how did you handle it? what was the racial/ethnic background of the students? And if yes, how many times in how many years teaching?

I am doing a social experiment as I have had it spoken (by non-black students) four times in the year and about ten times in papers, in a half that I have been teaching at ciis….and am needing to understand it in context….” More

And it has a fair amount of South African input too!

It makes a good read!

Brian Moore

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