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On 15 June, Services SETA will be at South West Gauteng College in Dobsonville encouraging young people to take up Vocational Education and Training (VET) as a proactive choice that will lead to long term career success. This will be done by means of an exhibition that will shed light on learning interventions available from the organisation.

The event will also have various speakers that will address young people about creating effective skills development solutions that support employers and learners from the first and second economies.

The Services SETA is a parastatal which falls under the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). DHET is tasked with creating a vibrant and responsive post-school education and training system that will contribute to a growing economy. The Services SETA on the other hand is commissioned with impacting the labour market in the Services Sector of the SA economy.

VET is education that prepares trainees for jobs and careers at and it is based on practical activities related to a trade or vocation. It teaches procedural knowledge and practical skills training delivered at the secondary, post secondary level, further education.

VET will serve a growing number of working young people and out of work adults. Essentially it will be helping the market by providing a workforce that is skilled and able to fulfill much needed positions in industries that are experiencing key skills shortages such as engineering, nursing, pharmaceuticals, infrastructure, and development and information technology.Some of the Services Seta industries are;

• Marketing management
• Office administration
• Marketing
• Management Practices
• Contact centre

For more information please contact Zothile Ndlovu at 011 276 9662 or email zothilen@servicesta.org.za

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